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The proposed solution is our vision of a new "face" of Baska, that will last for decades after its performance, not by dwelling on proposals that would only temporarily hide or repair current space but also by setting new standards through several stages of coast line city planning. The area includes few elaborated basic themes, which can then be extended by the same logic along the 900 m long but narrow coastline determined by competition. The basic idea is to wider the contents on the western part by creating new spaces towards the sea, while the eastern contents expand and form on the land - towards the city. The scope is equally activated through four focal points of various contents that become an attraction when traveling along the coast – a "triangle" with a sight-seeing point on the far east, main square on the north, a floating stage - as the main center gravity point - and a park “Marjan” on the far west.


KOPRIVNICA gymnasium Fran Galović. Project by UPI-2M. Koprivnica/ UPI-2M PROJEKTIRANJE