Announcement: September 12, 2014.

Interior design by UPI-2M

French Institute Mediatheque in the very center of the Zagreb city exists for 90 years and serves as a center for culture, education and art exhibitions to all citizens, also, with largest collection of french newspapers, magazines, books and exercises. it is equipped with new modern technology and multimedia services (IT Board interactive whiteboard, iPad’s, Wi-Fi), and a new on-line services; today it is a cozy and warm space open to all, artists, intellectuals, students, professors. All mentioned requested the brand new interior refreshment. The aim was to make the space modern, increase its functionality, capacity and fluidity as well as to revive the library space in the basement ; therefore the selected architectural interventions met all multimedia needs: Abolish the windshield area and unnecessary restrictive verticals – made the space to have more open and cleaner effect , the installed hanging cube in the ground floor with possibility of vertical lifting up and down – depending on the scenario of floor usage. Also the cube serves as a multimedia spot – inside the cube there are two iPads. The room is equipped with modern furniture made by Croatian designers, new work desks and tables designed, refreshed floor coverings and color coding system applied, revived the venue and made it attractive and more eye catching for passengers and visitors. In the following renovation phase the idea is to connect the venue with outside public space – the very frequent city spot and moreover to offer citizens a relaxed interaction during the warmer months of the year…

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