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Announcement: September 12, 2015. UPI-2M design was featured in many publications during the year 2012. Four great book titles bring our projects Arena Zagreb and Culture Club Revelin together with some world known architects and practices such as OMA Architects, Zaha Hadid, Santiago Caltrava, BIG Architects, Snohetta, Fosters, SOMAA. A book BOUTIQUE RESTAURANTS from series ‘World Interior Design’, published by Phoenix is a collection of some of the most creative restaurant designs in the world, including "45 works from extraordinary designers, architects and design company. Each project is shown in terms of the whole space layout and detail in the space with words of the design specifications and design highlights, which make readers learn the design concept thoroughly and get intuitive reference value". UPI-2M project Culture Club Revelin is a part of this book. ARCHITECTURE REPORT 2012, published by Rihan CC represents a systematic review of recent world architecture highlights. A book is divided in 4 segments – commercial, office, landscape design and sports venues with Arena Zagreb here introduced.

Desert Ice

Symbol of Dubai = the self-sustainable iceberg icon presenting new technology of self-sustainable energy production (patented) used for building an “ice town” in the “desert” = DESERT ICE = an iconic tall emblem structure that contributes to the new face of Dubai and promotes ecological conscious, scientific prosperity, tourism and other recreational and cultural activities. As a part of already existing landscape structure of Za’abeels Park, the “ice city” emblem is fully integrated by respecting the existing topography of the site and by treating the project as an additional park element in larger scale (sculpture).

Arena Zagreb

Arena Zagreb is multifunctonal hall with the footprint of 90340 m2. It is located in the southwestern part of Zagreb, Croatia, at one of the main city entrances. Also it lies opposite of popular Zagreb recreation and sports center Jarun. Arena Zagreb became a new city emblem in one of its main axes, offering to the citizens a large palette of amusement events.

Small house & Studio Miletic – Dail

This house is located in Zagreb suburban area with rural environment. Existing unit was about to be renovated and transformed into a new and modern habitat by upgrading some elements – such as gallery and external annex of the house. Facade of the existing house was renovated while annex was built in the back yard – house direction is defined with one – edged roof oriented towards greenness and hill-side.


CONTEXT – parcel is situated on the outskirts of the town (SE part), morphologically a quite specific heterogeneous environment. A morphology of single volume building is presented by transformation of forms which unite the logic of existing elements of greenhouse/train/hangar and architectural interpretation of the facilities. Western facade represents the view of the building’s section itself on that very position. Northern and southern facades are perforated by a random pattern of openings, giving two-way lighting to the interior. Night brings the inverse effect, as the luminous projections on the cylinder create a dotted morphology for the mono-volume building. Roof cover is kal-zip steel sheet. Bearing structure is made out of equal prefabricated reinforced concrete arched elements that are shortened at their bottom. Internal office area has bearing composite structure (steel + reinforced concrete).