Small house & Studio Miletic – Dail

This house is located in Zagreb suburban area with rural environment. Existing unit was about to be renovated and transformed into a new and modern habitat by upgrading some elements – such as gallery and external annex of the house. Facade of the existing house was renovated while annex was built in the back yard – house direction is defined with one – edged roof oriented towards greenness and hill-side.

Exterior intervention offers clear contrast between traditional and modern elements as well as open or closed spaces. Street front and majority of existing introverted side facades come in grey colour without any extra details. Back yard extension facade is light and open towards greenness – it is mostly framed with glass. Interior suggests the combination of modern and traditional elements as well – which at first sight might look as two incompatible spatial approaches. Gallery as a central part of the house comes also as dominant shaping element. The view to a nature provides desired intimacy and a cosy atmosphere.

External wall comes as the valuable interior element which suggests combination of old and new elements and simultaneously separates living room, kitchen, dining area and external lounge area. Apart from its aesthetic relevance, it has functional value. All used materials and architectural elements (suitable for budget of such house) are in mutual interaction and therefore create comfortable and pleasant living space


SMALL HOUSE & STUDIO MILETIC – DAIL, Bobarski put 3, Zagreb

Order by / investor:

 Marija Miletić Dail


 135 m2


preliminary design, major and workshop design + interior design & supervision services




 Metropolitan magazine (12/05) – 2005
ARCHIWORLD magazine – 2009