Announcement: September 12, 2014.

UPI-2M structural design – building in progress

A trend of designing and construction of low-energy (and passive) houses is on its rise, indicating awareness of our investors for innovative ecological solutions in architecture by using materials that positively affect the life quality and contribute to the healthier life in general. A house of 120 m2 in Strmec, Samobor, which construction is in progress, is built entirely of natural material – wood. UPI-2M designed a construction as a load-bearing laminated timber, isolated with high-grade thermal cellulose isolation of newspaper flakes (wood again) and double-sided coated fibreboards. By combining accurate installation of roof wooden panels with their sufficient number, a proper allocation and wall panels performance can help to ensure stability to even larger wooden buildings without the need for steel bracing, sloping pressure elements or solid complexed compounds of wooden pillars and beams.